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Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

28/02/1954 - 15/04/2021

cm watkins


God bless and thank you!

Moira Aberdeen


With deep condolences to your family and friends, dearest Stephanie

A dreamer and a doer, a leading luminary who exemplified excellence and joy and presence.
I miss the heart and soul of the artist you were in every precious moment we had together.
You touched and nourished the hearts and souls of many and made an enormous contribution
here on earth in so many ways tangible and intangible.

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you

Arohanui, Moira

Anne Livera


Dearest Stephanie, your beautiful light will continue to shine. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to your greatest love and proudest achievement - your Katey for she must truly feel your loss.

Thank you for your trust and friendship which I will always cherish.

Au revoir my gentle, kind and caring friend xo

Gabrielle Meech


Stephanie has been a special friend, confidante and mentor, like the sister I never had, for about 10 years. We met through Self-Realisation Fellowship in Wellington and from there quickly became good friends sharing life, spiritual inspirations, challenges and laughter. She had such a curiosity about life and all things in it, and a generous spirit. Stephanie helped everyone she came across feel special, supported and honoured for who they are.

I helped edit her book Creative Alchemy, focusing on metaphysical content, and I was deeply impressed with her intellectual prowess and the ease with which she could synthesise ancient wisdom from different traditions and cutting edge scientific knowledge. We did some Creative Alchemy workshops together, in person and online, which were great fun planning and executing, and deeply transformative for those that came. She brought tremendous joy as well as wisdom into her space.

Stephanie came and did some Creative Alchemy workshops with both the children and teachers at Worser Bay School where I was working which were very successful and welcomed by all.

She had an amazing ability to walk her talk and take you with her to the heavens.

Stephanie saw that our role on Earth is to create heaven, and was doing a wonderful job of that herself. She helped so many others around her in that way too. I've been blown away since her passing to see how many people she was actively influencing and encouraging to live better fuller lives of love, power and wisdom on a daily basis. She was an outstanding inspiration of how life can be lived. She'd had many struggles earlier in her life, had put them in the fire of alchemy, arisen as the phoenix and was flying towards the light.

Thank you Stephanie for your part in my life, helping me to see my light, dispel darkness, collaborate together and create miracles. You'll always be a part of me, and I know, as you knew, that your soul is free and flying towards and within the I AM Presence. Enjoy the next stage in your blessed journey.

Maria Shadbolt


Our Darling Stephanie

Always a beacon of light and connection for us all, so I now only hope to echo our heartfelt remembrance and celebration of our cherished Stephanie.

We all know that she treasured many things, amongst which, words and prayer.

Words from her impromptu acceptance speech for Creative Alchemy , ‘I only hope to help people out who are trepidatious about coming over to The World of Wonders and the treasure chests of the Universe.’

Prayer, her recent recommittal to her favourite peace prayer of St Francis.
Words that hold such meaning today.

Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving, that we receive
It is in pardoning, that we are pardoned
It is in dying, that we are born to Eternal Life..

There’s a little bit of our darling Stephanie, tucked up safely in all of our hearts.

Our Pearl of Grace who shared her joy with all at the marvel of even the smallest of wonders.

Her sense of fun and magic enriched our journeys and she revelled in the many different paths that took her on.

Stephanie knew many, many things, but there is something she did not know..

She did not know how to not give unconditionally with abandon. With an energy that knew no bounds and transcends time, still.

May Archangel Michael (who symbolised for her the powerful force of protection) be beside her on her onward journey. Just as we all are, in our hearts.

To share our exchange on her last day in this realm. A picture of laughing children accompanied with a Tibetan proverb:

‘The secret of living well is to eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure’

Just like our darling stephanie, “Love without Measure”…..

Mariela Durnhofer Rubolino


Dear Stephanie was a manifestation of love in action.
Her light and grace were palpable to us all.
Her ability to trascend walls and hardships through soul contact and expression.
Her expansiveness inspired men and women to a metamorphosis guided by the Spirit through art.

I first met Steph in the Self-Realization Fellowship Centre in Kelburn, Wellington. An irrational and overwhelming sense of awe invaded me and I jumped up from my seat welcoming her to come in. Some time later, we both became kriyabans and received Diksha from brother Nakulananda in Auckland.

Stephanie was a friend, a spiritual sister and a mentor in arts. I would often send her poems or writings. She would always reply with creative will and encouragement.

From hermit to hermit, fly safe in God and Guru's arms

Chyla Young


Fly high Steph... You have brought so much to the creativity to this world - you and your work will be missed...

So much love to your dear Katey and family xxx


Travel on dear sister. Your work here is done.


Alan Hucks


Dearest coolest sweetest Stephanie,
You’re an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow their dreams. I know you’ll be so happy in your new world without limitations. You’ll miss us as well miss you but be excited babe now your the navigator of your destiny!
X Hucksy

Jo Craig Azi Allana Towers-Poll


To all, with so much love.

A poem by Azi (aged 5 when we lived in Seatoun)

Your love will be the sea
And the wind
And the content
And when you marry your own wind
You won't be sad
Just alive with your sea
And it will kiss your body.

Hong Curley


From the very first moment I saw you, I witnessed and experienced the presence of a loving ascended master.

I told you that you were the embodiment of my beloved Guan Yin, the Goddess of compassion.

Your Grace and Beauty was like rays of sunlight that warmed and nurtured every cold and broken heart.

When we encountered each other, we were like thousand-year-old friends who got united after being lost to each other for eons.

I remembered how we poured our hearts out to each other when we had that lunch together in Genome Healing workshop and how I admired and adored you like nothing else since then.

I was god smacked by the profound presence you carried in your being, the deep wisdom you hold in your mind and the pure love you hold in your heart.

Never before, I was so willing to listen to someone with All of me, so humbly. I swallowed every word you uttered, and I treated them like treasures.

I remembered how my heart rejoiced in our honest sharing of how we broke the chain from our past traumas and how we shall work together to teach those tools to help heal suffering people.

I know you had touched many hearts, and healed many lives, but the most profound experience I had with you was when I witnessed how you transformed a suffering girl’s life, healed her broken heart and gave her hope and courage to make peace with the parents who abandoned her, all in less than 10 minutes.

Watching you creating miracles in front of my very eyes is one of the most profound magical experiences I have ever had in my life.

Every conversation I had with you always left me with hope, strength, wisdom, and courage over the years.

Every word that came out of your mouth weighted more than gold to me.

Oh God, how I miss you so, Stephanie, my beloved beautiful friend.

I want to know why you left so suddenly, so abruptly when you still have so much to do, when your Katherine needed you so much; when you enjoy those extraordinary little beings as your grandkids; when you still have so many unfinished projects.

But then, who am I to demand knowing the divine plan of your soul?

I walked on the beach for 6 hours today calling out your name, wanting you to come back, blaming whatever it was that took you away too early.

I screamed, shouted in anger, and demanded to know why life had to be so cruel and merciless.

I wanted to know why good people like you who are trying so hard to create heaven on earth were ripped off without mercy.

Your sudden departure just does not make any sense.

I cried with hopelessness, helplessness, anger and rage.

My heart was hollow, empty, cold, and broken, but behind those horrible feelings, I strangely felt a deep sense of peace.

I remembered the time when you told me that your soul must let go of the mortal coil in order to soar high.

I felt your grace, your surrendering, your letting go, and your letting God.

I then remembered a recent conversation I had with you.

You told me how extraordinary your Katharine is, and how she had blossomed like never before.

You told me how you have missed your beloved, your twin soul and how you long to be with him again, to feel whole.

My dearest dearest dearest Stephanie,

Whatever your soul desires, my dearest friend, is what I must and will respect.

As much as I don’t want to accept your sudden departure, as much as I want to scream how unfair life is, as much as I want to deny this cruel reality, I must gather all the strength I have to release my attachment to your physical body and bless your soul into the light.

Spread your wings, my beloved friend.

May your strong wings carry you to the Kingdom of Heaven.

May you reunite with your beloved and become whole again.

May you once again walk amongst the Ascended Masters.

May your soul return to the House of God.

Good Bye my dearest dearest Stephanie, my sister from the stars.

Joyful journey to your next destination to create magic in the higher realms.

I will be here to support your ever-expanding legacy.

Farewell. Farewell. Farewell.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish. Adonai Tsebayoth

Esme Hodgson


One thing I know, sure as Autumn repeats each year, is that you, our dearest Stephanie inspire love above all else.

Love in me, in my husband and all who know you and have been stunned by your stepping out - foot bare to swim free and dance amongst the stars. You shine bright!

You filled such a large space in my heart - and you always will.

We said we would be bold and keep the word heroine in vogue - and you shall always be mine armed strong in kindness and laughter.

So prolific in: wisdom, inspiration, work and time (somehow always still generated) for your loved ones - despite burning that candle too fast at both ends.

You were and always will be my kick up the backside in love, compassion and drive.

You are also too young to have left for adventures new, too loved by your family and friends to say goodbye just yet, and so you will always be held strong in our hearts.

I will always love and be inspired by you.

Love Esme xxx

Natalie Purcell


I was so blessed to spend time with Stephanie & feel the magic of her presence & light. She was a blessing to the world & will continue to be so from above.

Fly high sweet angel

Jessica Inkpen


Stephanie will be sorely missed by everyone whose lives she touched. Such a gentle treasure who was so very talented in so many ways, my heart is full of love and empathy for her sweet family.

Stephanie will be deeply missed by the whole community in Seatoun, rest easy darling girl.

Love Jessica

Lorelin Overy


When you are lifted by the magic and the beauty of each day, that’s where you will find her.

Bless your soaring spirit Stephanie.


Howard Davis


Quite simply, I would not have been able to stay here in Wellington for the past nine years without Stephanie's generous help and supportive encouragement.

She enabled me to gain a work visa by employing me at Sea Star Studios when I arrived in 2012 and we forged a lasting connection through various mutual interests - film, theatre, art, yoga, meditation, and sound healing, to name just a few. We also shared some fascinating anecdotes about showbiz life in London, where I grew up in the 60 and 70s, before moving to Los Angeles.

Although we drifted apart for several years, we had recently reforged a connection and had a number of fascinating conversations about her wonderful and inspiring book 'Creative Alchemy.' There were a number of strange synchronicities between her spiritual path and mine - one of which is that we had coffee and shared another illuminating conversation only the day before she passed.

Stephanie was an inspiring and enthusiastic advocate and personal mentor to me and I will always be grateful for the opportunity she provided for me to remain in this beautiful country. I certainly would not have wanted to be in either the UK or the US over the past year and I largely have her to thank for that blessing.

My condolences to Katherine and her family. Stephanie will be greatly missed by those whose life she touched deeply.

Nicole Wijngaarden


My dearest Stephanie,

Who knew that when we met during a HeartMath coherence event, and upon realising that we were both based in Wellington, that a great friendship would form?

Thank you for having been a wonderful part of my life over the past few years here in Wellington.

There are so many things that I will so miss about you - including your wonderful hugs, your love for your family and friends, your boundless energy, your kindness, your sense of style and of course your wisdom about so many things.

I also feel incredibly grateful that we caught up in the week prior to your passing. I will treasure our times together.

I am sure that you are watching over your family and friends and I hope that you are at peace.

Until we meet again.

Much Love, Nicole

Lisa Adams


Grateful for your presents and your books I purchased. I am blessed for both.

Thank you beautiful Soul, fly high.
I Love you .

Helen Williamson


Star of the sea
You shone so brightly
That you transformed me

When you were born
Who knew you’d become,
After all of the storms…
As bright as the sun?

Torn apart from yourself
You had to go deep
As deep as the ocean
In order to keep
The core of yourself


Like a seed

Then a sapling… a tree
You became both
In order to be
Some kind of whole

You created yourself
From the soul up
And somehow you managed
To wrench open that door

From here to there
Like a medium
You touched
The core of creativity
Beauty and life

It came spilling out of you
A fountain of love
That you shared
With everyone you touched

A tigress, a bear, three cubs…
A village, a city, a country
A million hearts
Around the world
Carry you in their hearts

Your legacy
Your legend

An angel
That gave
So much to us all

A sky full of stars
A sea shining bright
In the sun

I see you on your white horse
Silver lined

You left us a key
To ourselves and our source
And we will never forget

Your gift.

With love and the deepest respect,
Helen (Fellow fish and creator)

Nicole Farrar


Sending love and light, may your wings remain strong and carry you forth into the light.

Thank you for being you.

Ann Curtis


I am so grateful to have connected with you in this World Stephanie. Your sincerity, warmth and gentle voice with magical words of wisdom will carry on. You touched my heart.
Ann Curtis

Mike Robertson


My heart is broken at the passing of our remarkable friend. A true artist and individual, a force of life, light and love.

Rest peacefully my darling. Always in my thoughts.


Chris Capetanakis


Such a beautiful soul and incredible teacher. I’m currently reading her book and her words will have extra special meaning now. I’m so sad as I was looking forward to learning from her for many years to come.

Keep doing your work, Stephanie, in the magical next dimension.

Debra Sall


We walked together for a time, you and I...weaving our wild and wondrous dream tapestry in the 1970s landscape. I clipped my own wings and fell to earth as you continued to fly, giving your “Taffiness”(as I called it) to the world.
Deep sorrow for this great loss

Mandi Lynn


When ever things got too much I would go visit Stephanie and we would solve the problems of the world together. We had similar muses who whispered bits to each of us and we would compare notes. She was a dear, dear, dear, dear friend and the big sister I never had. I loved her deeply. Sometimes she would start rifting stardust and I would just listen in awe like a child watching a shooting star. She lived in the land of the spirits but somehow managed to be a major grounding force in my life. I feel untethered and at a loss. I feel like a massive vacuum has opened in the space time fabric with her going. To say I will miss her is just dust of words that can not scrape the palpable deliciousness of her "presence". You were always seen by Stephanie. Deeply richly seen and she would point out bits that you had never noticed. Because she noticed. She delighted in humanity, in community, in her people. A heart too big for her body and a generosity of spirit that I hope one day to achieve. God I miss you Stephanie.

Linda Ferguson


I am shocked and saddened to hear that u have left us so soon. I am blessed to have met u and healed in your light.
Condolences to your loved ones. Xxx
Melbourne, Australia

Anne Davidson


Such sad news. I am sorry for your loss.
She was a very inspirational person much admired and respected by so many.

Anne Davidson

Molly Rebecca Sutton


Such sorrow.
Tears welling up on repeat.
One person known so well -
You personally acquainted with, impacted, and opened your heart to copious numbers

You saw me.
I felt your Being.
No perfection -
Just Perfect.

So much more than memories will carry on.
YOU are alive!
So vibrant and real!
Perhaps life was over-filled, you poured your heart and soul exhaustively.

A true definition of running to the finish line -
You created, connected, and congregated at every opportunity.
Well-spoken and bright,
My life has been re-aligned by the graceful guidance you shared.

The treasure of your authenticity that never ran dry
Will be a constant reminder to me that I AM.
Be still now, the race is won.
Oh, my love, you are.

Debbie Mewes


VALE to the beautiful, spiritual and soulful Stephanie Lightsmith

Our deepest condolences to her family at this time. May her amazing work live on forever in her books and students.

'The Other World' receives a beautiful Angel today and in my heart I believe Stephanie will be welcomed by a chorus of Angels and thanked for the work she did while here.

I was blessed to have met you and honored to have listened to you sharing your wisdom. <3

Sarah Yip


My beautiful beautiful friend Stephanie. I cannot believe you are gone. I have been struggling with sinus issues since last week and now I read that you drowned in the (em)-ocean. I am so sorry we never made our call where we were going to start your Patreon community. You have my word that I will carry your light on.

My extreme condolences to your incredible family. I know your Spirit is still around and I just want to thank you for letting me interview you and learn from you for the past few years. All my love x 444, Sarah

P.S. You made a difference forever.
info (@) is my contact if anyone wishes to know more about my amazing studies with Stephanie

Susan Hirschmann


This was about the worst news we could have gotten, and I am still trying to process it, it will take some time. My kids and I were shocked and heartbroken to learn of Taffy’s passing. I will remember her generous spirit always fondly and with love.

Bruce Luxford


Remembering with warmth, Stephanie as a person and her contributions to the Arts on the (Miramar) Peninsula. Thoughts are with Katherine and family.

Bruce and Sue Luxford.

sharon Greally


Ah Stephanie,
It is with a heavy heart I write this. The world has lost a great light, and a great friend. You were and will continue to be a great inspiration to all who have known you. I've only known you a short while, but I've enjoyed our coffee catch ups, and talks about wellness, families, love and life in general.

Namaste Dear Stephanie.

Keep on shining. xx

Susan Friedricks


Of all the wonderful people I met at the Windsor Mountain School, a boarding school in Lenox, MA, Taffy was a lifelong friend, who stole my heart. She stole everyones heart. Taffy was always brilliant, artistic and poetic. She had a way of embracing people in love and whimsy, that was lyrical and deeply endearing.

I will really miss knowing Taffy is sharing this world, seeing her FB posts, family photos, artistic endeavors and hearts, sharing our personal IM. I’d hoped to visit Taffy in NZ, envisioned a reunion with Lu Lu, seeing Katherine all grown up, and meeting her adorable family together. I pray Taffy did not suffer, but if there’s anyone who could see the light and let love guide her, it's the extraordinaryTaffy.

At 16 between Jr. and Senior year, my parents were struggling with my sister. I asked them, if I could spend the summer in Lenox, MA with Taffy, in a picturesque cottage near Tanglewood. Unbelievably they said yes, The first day Taffy asked me if I knew how to light the stove? “Sure, no problem”. I leaned over to light the perfectly clean vintage oven, and BAMMMM the explosion knocked me off my feet! It singed my eyebrows off and blew open an antique window shattering it. Our landlord/housemate Fritz was mighty unhappy. Of course, Taffy charmed him into a smile. That same day, she put laundry detergent in the dryer, blowing white powder all over the basement. LOL. Fritz was a neat freak and freaking out… but Taffy managed to work her charm as always :-).

Taffy was a beautiful and brilliant star, who emanated love, depth, intellectualism, creativity and whimsy. After BU (where I had the pleasure of befriending Taffy's awesome sister Lu Lu), I moved to San Francisco as a photo-editor. Taffy was at the CA School of Arts & Crafts in Oakland. We hung out. Taffy was family. We saw each other infrequently in the years since, but our love and friendship had no borders, we were connected for life and now beyond life. I know Taffy's body passed away, but her lyrical spirit and pure love feel endless… Sending love and Hugs to Katherine, and Taffy's family, who she adored to the moon and back.

Soar in Love Dear Taffy!

Christina Mcculloch


Darling Stef - I know you are in some beautiful magical realm.

Will never forget you and some precious times we shared . Xxxx

Joan Burroughs


You will forever live in my heart my dear Sister, may you Rest In Peace.